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Friday, Aug 19 | 7pm - 9pm 

& Sat. Aug 20 | 10am - 2:30pm

(Lunch provided)

(Snacks & Drinks provided)

Register Here 

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Who is this class for?

This class is for anyone who desires to grow in their ability to share the Gospel. It's open to the public. That means everyone is welcome! 

What church is putting this on?

This class will be hosted by Awaken Las Vegas (also knows as Calvary Chapel Las Vegas), but in a collaborated effort with multiple other Las Vegas churches. Our aim and commitment is to unite the body of Christ for one cause; to preach the Gospel. 

Where is it? 

Located at: LV Reach Community Help Center

860 E. Twain Ave Las Vegas, NV 89169

Suite 107 & 108

Is there a cost?

There is no cost. We are only asking for donations of any amount to help cover food expenses for included lunch, class material. Please note: Any donations above the estimated total will go towards purchasing bibles for our next '10,000 Bible / Reach Our City' outreach. For donations please click here and select Reach Our City


No Donation? No worries! Just sign up & show up. We got you covered. 

What should I expect from this class?

1. Expect to meet new believers who share a desire to grow in their ability to share the Gospel.

(Warning: You may make new friends who want to go evangelizing with you. This could be hazardous for the the gates of hell.)

2. Expect to be encouraged in your journey of witnessing to others. 

3. Expect practical principles that will guide you in effectively sharing the Gospel. 

4. Expect the class not to be boring. In-fact, you can expect time to fly, almost too fast. 

What will be taught?

Session 1: What is the purpose of Salvation?

  • A study of the eternal relationship with the Father, Son, & The Holy Spirit.

  • What this means for every believer

  • And why this should motivate our hearts to save the lost

Session 2: What is the Gospel & How to share it?  - This class will answer..

  • How will God judge unbelievers? What about those who have never heard of Jesus?

  • How is the Gospel God's power to save?

  • How can we share it boldly?

 Session 3: Are You Born Again?

  • We will learn how to witness to professing believers & unbelievers  

  • How to use the scriptures to create meaningful dialogue 

  • What it means to be Spirit-filled and born again

Session 4: How to share my testimony?

  • We will discuss the importance of a biblical testimony

  • Discover our own story

  • How to lead others to Christ by our testimony

For any questions, please contact 602.702.1687

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